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Top 20 Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Social Media Presence in Kenya

Social media is a platform for achieving most of what you intend to achieve especially in business. For you to thrive in business you must publicize your services through social media platforms. For you to command a bigger share in social media hubs you must apply some tricks tips and hacks. These tips will help your social media presence. I will discuss some of the top twenty tips to help you in grow social media presence.

Build high social media presence

For a growth in social media presence you must make sure that you actively participate by always updating tweets, Facebook posts, linkedln and other social media blogs .You have to make sure that you optimize your social media presence by making sure that your social media profiles are complete and they include all information that is needed to publicize your business.

Post important and inspiring messages

For growth in social media presence you must not only post information that publicizes your business. Make sure you post even import quotes and inspiring messages to people in social media. This will highly boost your presence in social media being felt. Many people would prefer to follow on who encourages them .You may also post news and other important messages.

Make your social media accounts interactive

For your presence to be highly felt in the social media platform, you have to make sure that you make all your social media accounts sociable. Interact with twitter followers and Facebook fans by asking several questions and asking for suggestions or feedback from all of you fans in all social media accounts.

Be consistent in social media accounts

For social media growth, you have to make sure that you are consistent in posting and tweeting in social media platforms. Followers and fans will love to get your messages and posts consistently. This will also increase the number of people who are interested in your social media accounts.

Plan for your social media accounts

For a social media growth you must have set goals to Achieve from promoting your site on social media. You must ensure that you have set goals so that you can be able to access how you are performing each time you want to.

Research content from competitors

Its smart business to know what your competitors are doing on their social media accounts. Once you know you create a strategy on how grow in social media by performing better than your competitor does. This will make your social media presence grow.

Create welcome pages for new followers and fans

When new fans and follows are warmly welcomed in you social, l media platforms, they feel good and happy. This can be done by creating a welcome page for new fans in Facebook. This can even make them refer their friends to your accounts and this will definitely help you grow.

Create content that may appear recurrently to keep people eager

You should an create content that appears on your account either weekly or in a fortnight to keep people eager to see what you will post that week. This will increase number of people interested in your social media accounts.

Give incentives and gifts to your fans

Fans love incentives and gifts, thus giving some gifts in some time whether weekly or monthly will increase the number of fans and this will help your social media accounts to grow drastically.

Create an auto post for Facebook and twitter

You can also choose to auto post twitter and Facebook .this can save your time if you are consistent in posting and tweeting. This will also help in connecting to all fans in one platform but not in the other.

Tagging Other Brands on Facebook

When people get tagged on Facebook they get a notification. This will make them interested in the firm that tagged them and this can make them like your page or suggest your page to other people leading to increased social media growth.

Try creating engagement

When posting or tweeting in any social media platform, try creating engagement. This can easily be achieved by for example posting “like the best team between arsenal and man u”. This will create engagement between your fans and this may grow your social media presence.

Use attractive images

You can choose to use images to promote your social media accounts. Images seems to be more appealing to potential fans and followers making .They can promote and publicize your accounts. You can get designers like web design Melbourne who have the chemistry of designing images for the web.

keeping track of the biggest fans and supporters and re posting their content

For fans to note that you appreciate their support, you must show them by either sharing what they post on Facebook or retweetting what they tweet on twitter.

 Track Each Step of Your work and effort

You should keep track of what you need and what you have already done on social media. You should for example know who to follow, how many prospects you are targeting and how many prospects you may have turned into potential customers. This will help you know your progress and achievements and improve your morale.

Creating presence in several platforms

For proper growth in social media you must first log in and sign up top several social media platforms. This may include Facebook, twitter, Linkedln , Instagram and many more social media platforms so as to capture all potential fans who might not be in all platforms of social media.

create interesting facts and findings as topics

You can create topics that followers will love to follow read and participate in them. For a successful growth in social media presence you can research or goggle search some interesting facts that are related to what you may be promoting and this will definitely increase number of those that are interested in your social media accounts

You may build Online Influence

You may also build social media influence which is very important. You can ensure that you highly influence a large portion of social media fans. You therefore have to build trust and loyalty.

Make real connections to most active followers

You can also make real life connections with your fans by connecting with them via skype or via phone. You can also meet in conferences and meetings with social media fans and this will help in social media growth

Make each content you post shareable

For social media growth make sure that the content you post is shareable .This may help you because fans may share your content making more people to get interested in your social media sites

Basically for you to gain social media presence growth you have to follow this tips and tricks and many more that I have not mentioned. This will help grow your social media presence in a wonderful and incredible way.

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